I love when I get to do photoshoots for my friends and their families. This one is of my dear friend Heidi and her beautiful and sweet family. I’ve known Heidi since college before marriage and babies. Heidi is not only one of the kindest people you will ever meet but she is also an incredible artist and her art speaks to her love for Christ and His kingdom. This is something I’ve always admired about her; her strength in the Lord. I’ve always known that no matter what I can come to her for spiritual guidance and love. I love our friendship and I love that we now live in the same state together and can raise our babies together. It’s been fun getting to know each of her boys and their unique personalities. Levi, the first born, has so much energy and goofiness in him that he always makes me laugh! Judah, the middle child, has a much quieter personality but I swear you can see in his eyes already that he is definitely a passionate and sweet boy that seems to observe the world around him. Caleb, the baby, is just the happiest and most easy going baby I think I have ever met. I guess you have to be though when you have two older brothers full of energy running around already. Chris is a leader at The prayer house at ASU and recently wrote and published A Vision of Revival for College Campuses. Their family is an example of a God-centered family and I hope that as Travis and I raise Grayson, I too have family that centers around my faith in Christ. Once finished, I encourage you to check out her webpage heidingai.com to see her amazing art work.