We moved back to our home state where we were born and raised – Arizona. I’m not going to lie and say it was a move we anticipated or wanted. We loved, and I mean “loved”, living in Colorado. The mountains, the snow, the cold, four season – these were traits we always dreamed about living in. We even used to say to people in Colorado that we would never move back to Phoenix. It’s not that we don’t think Arizona is a beautiful state with much to offer, it was just never our dream to stay here and we really aren’t fans of the heat, scorpions or yards without grass and trees.

However, as usual, God had a different plan for us and it was a big one. Soon after moving to Colorado Springs, we found out we were pregnant after trying for almost two years. This was definitely a blessing. Moments after looking at the positive sign on the pregnancy test, Travis received a call from his director at work in Phoenix. The ad agency he worked for lost a huge account so we had a strong feeling that it was time for us to go back. At that time I was actually fairly excited – I missed my friends and family so much and could not think of raising this baby without my “village”. I needed them. So we packed, sold our house, photographed our last wedding in Colorado, grabbed the dog and drove back home in our separate cars. I honestly didn’t even look back as we drove away from our beautiful, Victorian dream home because I was ready to go back to the valley.

Within a month of moving back, doubts set in. I couldn’t believe we left our dream house, our dream state and our growing business of wedding photography. We were in Colorado for three years yet once we were back in Arizona it felt almost like a dream. Those years went by so fast and we had so much fun growing together as a couple on our own and growing our business that I started to doubt our entire move. It was still hot and it was October. The heat did not make it any better. I missed the cold air in the mornings, the fall colors changing and photographing weddings in the woods. It became a lot for me to handle while we were expecting a baby in five months.

As always though, God did ultimately provide for us and we found a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood with lots of trees and greenery – something I desperately needed. We were so blessed to find a home that we could afford in such an amazing neighborhood. We busily got our home ready for our first baby. January, Friday the 13th, after five hours of non-medicated labor, we met our beautiful and perfect baby boy, Grayson John. Soon after having him we realized that we want to be the parents who can show our son how to follow his dreams and to never give up.

While living in Colorado, we started our wedding photography business and felt blessed by God. After photographing weddings for three years, we were sent back to Arizona. I thought once we left that dream, it was the end. However, after much prayer we kept hearing this soft voice telling us to keep going – to continue our journey of wedding photography and we hope you’ll join us. We love photography, we love weddings and working with people. With this post, I decided to show some of our very latest photography that illustrates the beauty of the desert to celebrate our new move, our new journey and our home.