Arizona Wedding Photographers Heather and Travis Gauthier of An Enchanted Day Photography

Our Story

Hi, I’m Heather and I recently moved back to my hometown Gilbert, Arizona after living in Colorado for 3 years. Living in Colorado was a dream come true, but having our baby boy this past year was an even bigger dream come true for us. So we packed our bags and moved back home to be near our family and friends. You need a village when it comes to raising a baby and we came back to our village. While in Colorado I mostly shot weddings, but found myself loving the portrait side of wedding day where I could really express my creativity with the bride and groom.

I have now decided to focus on maternity, families, children, babies and really any type of portraits. I love that I can now focus on the type of photography that really inspires me while getting to know my clients and their families. Oh, and a fun fact for those that don’t know me…I’m also a R.D. (registered dietitian) working at one of the local hospitals here in the chandler/gilbert area. Had to pass a huge national exam and intern for a year in clinicals before I could call myself that. But my creative side is always calling and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to live my life without creating or doing photography in some way or another.

Thanks for reading my little story and I hope to meet you soon!