It may not quite be engagement season here in Phoenix, but I can’t stop thinking about taking engagement pictures. I think I love these pictures so much because unlike the wedding day we get to really know the couple. It’s a much more personal time, where in between shots and posing, we chit chat and learn about your love story. We love this time! We get to really see each couples unique personality and goofiness. We get to feel what your love really looks like without all the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. We joke around and have fun and sometimes even grab a drink after with everyone. We’ve even had some couples that once the wedding day was over we continued to meet up and have double dates. We get to make new friends and who doesn’t like that!

This time also gives us a chance to really learn about the couples big day and what is most important to them. We love hearing the excitement in their voices while talking about all the little details that we can’t wait to capture. It so much fun to watch as two people start to light up with so much joy about their day. Getting to know each of our couples on a personal basis is so important to us and these sessions really help us all to be more comfortable around each other for the wedding day. It’s so important that our couples are comfortable around us on their wedding day. We never want to seem like strangers with a big box in our hands fumbling around family members, friends and the bridal party. Our goal is for you to feel so comfortable and at ease with us that you hardly notice a “professional photographer” is in the room. This is how we get the best shots for the day. The ones with tears and laughter (you know, the big belly laughs). We want our couples to also feel so comfortable that they don’t mind asking us to hold up the dress while the bride struggles to get in or help with the flower girls make-up or ring bearers cuff-links…which we have done and have quite a bit of experience with. We want to actually be part of your wedding day!

We want you to know how much you mean to us and how dedicated we are to delivering and capturing the best photographs for you. This is why we include an engagement session in each of our packages. This extra time with the bride and groom is THAT important to us. We want you to feel your love story come to life when looking at your wedding and engagement images and the best way to do that is for us to get to know the you both without a million distractions. That’s why we LOVE doing engagement sessions…so much so that it is not uncommon for us to lose track of time simply because we are having so much fun making new friends!

Below are some of our past engagement session favorites and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.